Monday, September 12, 2011

NMV - Explosions In The Sky... again!

NMV(New Music Video) is back!!! This time its Explosions In The Sky... again! If you've been following this blog we posted Explosions' first ever music video previously, now here's their second one off of Take Care, Take Care, Take Care their song 'Be Comfortable, Creature'. This one's definitely an even stranger one than last time, you better drop twice as much acid watch the video below.

"Be Comfortable, Creature"

Written and performed by Explosions in the Sky

Directed by Paul Logan

Starring Neil Maris

Also with:

Magali Pijpers
Esteban Rey
Penelope + Sylvia

Created with help from:
Sarah Meraz
Esteban Rey
Magali Pijpers
Martha O'harra
Mr. Manners
Tyler Frazier
David Hobizal

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