Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Quote of The Day Dec 30th

Technology + Stupids = Fail

So you've heard of stories and even know people who do the most ridiculous stuff when they do not understand how technology works, well here's an awesome story that has recently circled the gaming community.

"My neighbors which I don't really know to well to begin with, got their kids a Wii for Xmas. They got no games for it, but they did get a Classic Controller as well as an additional Nunchuck Combo and a carrying case. They asked me what games they recommended, and I decided to recommend them the Animal Crossing City Folk/Wii Speak bundle, Wario Land Shake It,Mario Kart Wii, and Super mario Galaxy. I also recommended them some VC games including Super mario World, and Sonic 2 8-bit.

Anywho, the Mom asks me what VC is, and I told her. I told her that all she needed to do was put in her credit card when prompted on the Shop Channel, and get the amount of points she wanted. I also told her what WiiSpeak is, and how to connect her Wii to the internet via an ethernet connection.

Anywho, I got a call today from the mom telling me that the Wii is not working. I asked what was wrong and you won't believe it.........

HOW STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Also while putting the Wii Speak on top of her sensor bar, she apparently cracked it open. Just ugh. I told her she has to cancel her cards and call Nintendo for a 75USD repair, and now she expects ME to pay for this. Her husband is on my side of the issue, but she is steaming at me right now. Seriously, she put in 1, and thought that that one could not be accepted, so she kept putting them in and they will not come out. I might try to remove them tomorrow with her hubby while she is away on a business trip. The dude's cool, but fuck the wife..."

The thread is worth a a look through with others sharing stories of 'tards and video gaming.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cerry Mhristmas Noobs

The day is here where you receive bad gifts as well give bad ones(although you don't know it 'cause the people you're giving presents are too polite to say so). I actually still haven't wrapped half of my presents so I'm gonna do that while I watch the part 2 of the Gilmore Girls Christmas episode where they celebrate on the 26th, ya I know, you gotta watch the show. So Merry Christmas, eat up, drink well and I leave you with this pic...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Forgot to post this yesterday on the 23rd, the OFFICIAL day of Festivus. Let's see what kind of activities we can part take in.

Protesting Bagels

Enjoy some Ben and Jerry's Festivus flavour ice cream.

Or think of others by donating to the Human Fund.

Another way of thinking of others is Airing your Grievances.

Here's someone grievances from the festivus book site:

"To my stupid in-laws who all insist on giving each other gift cards of the same f-ing denomination! Wow nothing says I care like a creative gift card. Guess what guys its a wash! You are all giving each other $25! Stay home and leave me alone this year, f-ing idiots."

Until next year...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sopranos Wine

From the site:

"The Sopranos Wines will feature a range of selections for every type of wine enthusiast. For those seeking an affordable quality vintage for every day, there’s a Chianti D.O.C.G., aged six to eight months, that boasts soft tannins with succulent flavors of cherry and berries and a leisurely finish; a vibrant Pinot Grigio from Veneto that begins with a nice acidity, then finishes off clean; and a sensual Pinot Noir, soft in presentation with subtle cherry fruit flavors wrapped around a smooth and lasting mid palate - all priced between $9.99-$11.99."

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy No Pants Holiday

Happy Holidays everyone! Looks like the first of gatherings has passed at the recent get together at the Gautam house hold celebrating SeanNaKa, Shaun-Mas, Shwanza, Wrestling/Fighting, The Karate Kid 1/2, uhh...writing on bodies. Let's hope the next set of gatherings is much more safer and we get plenty of sleep, I'll keep updates here on who survives and who dies this holiday but in the meantime let's get to my subject...No Pants!

There's this group out of New York city called Improve EveryWhere that cause major scenes in public that get a lot of people's attention. One example is at Best Buy where about 80 people entered with blue polo shirts and khaki pants on and stood around around as though they worked there. Or the infamous youtube videos of Frozen Grand Central Station. But right now the prank I want to talk about is No Pants 2K9! Every year since 2002 they've been riding the subway with no pants on, ever since the prank's been done in dozens of cities everywhere. I will be joining in with Improve's Toronto chapter this year on Jan 10th, whose in!

No Pants 2k6

Saturday, December 13, 2008

School's Out for the HOLIDAYS!

A deleted scene from my favourite Christmas movie. Home Alone! To celebrate the holidays and no more fuckin school for a month!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Quote of The Day

"When in doubt set something on fire."
-Earl Hickey

New Music Vid "City and Colour"

Its time for another new music video. This one's coming from City and Colour(fuck you American spell check!)" aka Dallas Green of one of my favourite, if not favourite bands Alexisonfire(goddamn shitty spellchecker! these words are RIGHT!). The song is "The Girl" off of his latest album Bring Me Your Love.

Coming up...movie review!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Star Trek 90210

Two posts in one day! I know! But this was way too awesome to wait to post.

50 NES Quotes Every Gamer Should Know

As I am eating my tuna pasta, I read the list of "50 NES Quotes Every Gamer Should Know" A lot of them Zelda, some you may even recognize some from from AVGN. This one's my favourite.