Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy No Pants Holiday

Happy Holidays everyone! Looks like the first of gatherings has passed at the recent get together at the Gautam house hold celebrating SeanNaKa, Shaun-Mas, Shwanza, Wrestling/Fighting, The Karate Kid 1/2, uhh...writing on bodies. Let's hope the next set of gatherings is much more safer and we get plenty of sleep, I'll keep updates here on who survives and who dies this holiday but in the meantime let's get to my subject...No Pants!

There's this group out of New York city called Improve EveryWhere that cause major scenes in public that get a lot of people's attention. One example is at Best Buy where about 80 people entered with blue polo shirts and khaki pants on and stood around around as though they worked there. Or the infamous youtube videos of Frozen Grand Central Station. But right now the prank I want to talk about is No Pants 2K9! Every year since 2002 they've been riding the subway with no pants on, ever since the prank's been done in dozens of cities everywhere. I will be joining in with Improve's Toronto chapter this year on Jan 10th, whose in!

No Pants 2k6

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