Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Epic Lesson #1 - Drunk Brain Cells Need Exercise

Let's face it, if you're on this blog you're likely an alcoholic. We're here for you. After every drinking binge your brain loses a few of its friendly cells and plans (for a short period of time anyway), to never go through that again. Good times.

Well luckily for us recent studies done by people who haven't lost a single brain cell from alcohol consumption suggest that exercise triggers brain cell regeneration.

So if you're gonna get shitfaced to better MAC the chicks around the bar, make sure you run home, not drive. In the morning remind yourself that there is a void to be filled now that Arnold is flabby and hit the gym for an hour.

You're welcome brothers - happy drunken times

Thursday, January 22, 2009

True Facts

Winter for the Wii

Finally a game for the Wii that real gamers can sink their teeth into and not marketing the whole fucking brand to non-gamers with "Wii Play", a game thats worth less than the controller it comes with. Or Wii Fit, that white board that's gathering dusk two weeks after being bought. Unfortunately Winter, a horror survival game like Resident Evil, won't be coming out, the game did not get a publisher to make it reasons like "The idea of an "adult" game on what they perceived to be a "kids" console was simply too big a leap for them"

Here's some good quotes from the interview IGN did with the creators:

"In almost every case we got hung up with the sales and marketing groups. They simply could not get behind a survival horror title on the Wii"

"Pitching anything that isn't a kid's game for the Wii is an uphill battle"

"Whenever we would remind publishers of Resident Evil sales numbers on the Wii they'd wave it off, saying, "but that's Resident Evil." Of course, you can only make RE4 if you have the courage to try RE1."

Full interview here

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost Season 5 Returns!

Its the return of the crazisy(crazyist?), most insanist(insaneist?) show Lost! What did Miles mean when he asked Charlotte about coming BACK to the island and how does she know how to speak Korean? Who the hell is Jeremy Bentham?! How is Jack's dead father alive! Man, so many questions that probably won't be answered 'til later on but for now the main question that we will see answered is why they and how they get back to the island. So be ready for a fucking 3-hours of Lost tonight with the first hour being a clip show following up to this season and then 2 hours of new show. If you're in Canada, it will be 4 hours, Space has been broadcasting all the season from September and the final two episodes of season 4 will be shown right before the season premiere of Five.

For now lets take a look at the photo they shot to promo the new season and rip on it. Its totally gay! Gay in the sense that its stupid and homosexual. It was done the exact same way Smallville had a promo shoot done for a season premiere a couple years ago.

They're all shot all separately with extremely nice clothes that they don't wear on the show and made to look really sexy and gorgeous. Then its all put together by what I assume is a team of photoshop experts and graphic designers.
Here you have that gay result.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Hugo Awards

Wikipedia is truly an amazing tool. First you're looking at what the movie The Minority Report is based off of and then finding out what the Hugo Awards are about, unfortunately they do not involve my partner in crime here "The H-Bomb" or is it this guy! So let's start our own Hugo awards that are Hugo Nobre oriented right here, right now....

And the first award is for the blog with the most content posted by Hugo Nobre goes to...
Stupidity is today's biggest fad!!! Highlight posts contain 'MOST ANNOYING COMMERCIAL! "HEADON APPLY DIRECTLY TO FOREHEAD!"' and a link to his mypace page.
Coming in at a close second was us F$$K IF I KNOW, however our posts by Hugo Nobre just did not mustard up.

The second award is for the Hugo Nobre that first appears in a google search for the words "Hugo Nobre" and "facebook". And the winner is... Hugo Nobre from where I'm assuming is Mexico! Cinco de Mayo my friend.

Well I guess thats really all the awards we had for our Hugo Awards, we're on a tight budget with limited bandwidth. Until Next time!

Disclaimer: Hugo-Oscar statues are not given out, as we only have one Hugo Nobre to decapitate at this time. Until more are found winners receive will a 10 dollar gift card to Zellers.