Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter for the Wii

Finally a game for the Wii that real gamers can sink their teeth into and not marketing the whole fucking brand to non-gamers with "Wii Play", a game thats worth less than the controller it comes with. Or Wii Fit, that white board that's gathering dusk two weeks after being bought. Unfortunately Winter, a horror survival game like Resident Evil, won't be coming out, the game did not get a publisher to make it reasons like "The idea of an "adult" game on what they perceived to be a "kids" console was simply too big a leap for them"

Here's some good quotes from the interview IGN did with the creators:

"In almost every case we got hung up with the sales and marketing groups. They simply could not get behind a survival horror title on the Wii"

"Pitching anything that isn't a kid's game for the Wii is an uphill battle"

"Whenever we would remind publishers of Resident Evil sales numbers on the Wii they'd wave it off, saying, "but that's Resident Evil." Of course, you can only make RE4 if you have the courage to try RE1."

Full interview here

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