Friday, June 24, 2011

NMV - Explosions In The Sky

Here is the New Music Video for this week Explosions In The Sky - Last Known Surroundings from their newest album "Take Care, Take Care, Take Care." Explosions In The Sky are an instrumental post-rock band from Texas and they did the Friday Night Lights soundtrack, what makes this video special is that is it their very first music video. Here is a message from the band via their website:

dear you,

in the 12 years that we have been playing together in this band, we have never made or released a video for any of our songs. over the years many fans (perhaps yourself included) have taken it upon themselves to do us the favor and put something together and post it to youtube and, believe it or not, we have seen a great deal of them and have enjoyed almost all of them. thank you guys for offering the time. for this new album we decided to reach out to some talented people and see if we could get something made to order and the 1st "official" video from us is now ready to show. it's for the song "Last Known Surroundings" from the album "Take Care, Take Care, Take Care". it was made by some close friends of ours, mr. david hobizal and ms. sissy emmons and Ptarmak (which is the name of the company they work for). it took them months and months of solid work and we couldn't be more pleased with their finished product. we intend to get a few more videos made by some other friends and film makers over the next few months, but we hope that you enjoy this 1st outing as much as we do.

as always...
thanks for listening.
thanks for caring.
and now, thanks for watching.

forever yours,

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