Friday, October 23, 2009

150 +1/2 Epic Lesson

Since I've been contributing to this blog so much, I've decided to set a goal to have 150 posts for the year of 2009. No more, no less. Me and my budds Gorgeous Georgeous will Rock Paper Scissors to decide who gets to write the last 1. If we fail we will have to make >9000+ posts for the year 2010, and Steve Jobs will have to release <9000- ipods in the same year.

In the meantime, if you're going to a show, drink - it's fun. However don't drink so much Wiser's that you black out before the band goes on, and end up waking up lost with puke on your jacket, only to find out that the band just finished their set. NOT COOL. Oh well, I'll see ya next year Flogging Molly. (That's 3 years in a row that I've missed them)

Take that as half an epic lesson.

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Anonymous said...


Please no one listen to this man's quote about 9000 posts. He is obviously a perturbed man who is insane and an probably alcoholic.