Friday, May 15, 2009

May 2-4 Kick-Off

It is friday and for us in Canada the long weekend begins! Get the fuck into your cars and start driving outta town right now! The FuckIfIKnow staff(by that I mean me and the other one) and associates will be starting our drive in 30 hours as of the time of this posting to the great city of Montreal.
Dropping Knowledge: In the 1995 Referendum of Quebec, voting on whether the province should become its own sovereign nation, Montreal was a key factor in voting with a majority of "no" votes.
What kind of activities will get up to in la ville aux cent clochers,"the city of a hundred belltowers"É Maybe work at Montreal Eidos, check out Tribe Hyperclub and see where Lindsay Lohan was falling all over the place last week.
So have fun this long weekend, sing Happy Birthday to Victoria whoever that is, stay safe and don't die. While everyone is doing that, we'll be dying on the streets on Montreal!

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