Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Holy Fuck Chrysler Campaign Ad

Don`t let their name throw you to what you MIGHT think this band sounds like. Holy Fuck is an instrumental electronic/experimental band from Toronto. Their most popular song is "Lovely Allen", which is going to explode soon. I saw car commercial for Chrysler today and the song was used for its "We Build" campaign. No one will really care about Chrysler's cars when they see this commercial, everyone will just be googling "Chrysler Commercial Song", "Chrysler Commercial Music" or asking on "Yahoo Answers"(which BTW has the stupidest people asking dumbass questions that can easily be googled). So we here at FuckIfIKnow provide you with the Chrysler music answer.

Below is the song "Lovely Allen", the Chrysler Ad, and then the Official Holy Fuck music video.

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