Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hairy Hangover

Not much this week except a drink recipe, its called a "Hairy Hangover". It comes from the CBS show NCIS, the only criminal investigating show I watch, back story is one of the characters writes a book and creates this drink for the novel.

3 shots of Jager
1 shot of cherry soda
2 shots of vanilla vodka
1 tsp of lemon juice
And a splash of tabasco sauce
BTW don't google Hairy Hangover in images.


Sean(S-E-A-N(no H stupid!)) said...

wow, i never heard of a drink where you put jager in(aside from jager bombs)

Anonymous said...

huh. I wonder if this would be any good without the tabasco?

Anonymous said...

lots of jager mixers.

fire truck
fire engine, etc

Haley aka Shorty said...

If anyone finds out about it being good without tabasco let someone know...