Monday, September 1, 2008


Welcome to the "Fuck If I Know" blog!

Whats this blog about you ask? Fuck, if I know! Clever huh?
Introducing your hosts myself George[jawrj], I enjoy different genres of punk so most of my postshave something to do with music. And my partner in crime, the creator of "Fuck If I Know", Hugo[hyoo-goh] who will be telling you about what films you should be watching and what's a pile of turd! We'll be bringing you the daily happenings of our twenty-some year old lives, reviews on products, food, bars and whatever the fuck else there is!

So to begin, today we went to The CNE(Canada National Exhibition) on its final day of the summer. Spent a lot of time in the Food Building eating different types of food and I got myself the soundtrack to the Joe Strummer Documentary "The Future Is Unwritten" for only 5 bucks!(see, music related already...somewhat) This would be much better with visuals, hopefully Hugo will be posting them up soon.


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