Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NMW - Madiha *Worst Video Ever*

Here's another New Music Video for this week and its not your average music video. Its SOO BAD! The video is all green screen, terribly edited but whats worst is the song. It sounds like a karaoke song, it sounds like a really poorly recorded song. The rest of the songs on Madiha's myspace are just as bad quality, they're beats put together probably on a program like Garage Band but not even well done then recorded the vocals with the crappy on-board microphone.
If you check the keywords tagged on the video the girl has put names like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and titles to their songs obviously to garner more hits. Oh she's gonna get hits, just not the kind she wants.

Check the karaoke-shitfest after the jump.

credit to Pina the Inside Edge Chick

1 comment:

Hugo said...

I can see this on much. That dancing? Those lyricz?
Give me a kiss
Give me a kiss
I might scream if you deny me this!

Who can't relate to that? Then i'm the kind to scream at just about everything. Especially everything in that video. Seriously they couldn't have at least keyed her out properly?

Good entertainment. For her sake hopin this is a joke.