Thursday, January 14, 2010

College Ontario Strike

This morning we found of that that the college teachers' union voted in favour of a strike. Here at 'Fuck If I Know' we are students at Humber College, we're not big at voicing our opinions but I feel that this impending strike strongly relates to the title of this blog. We got this in our inboxes today:

January 14, 2010

Dear fellow students,

I am taking this opportunity to address growing concerns that have developed over the past few months. You may have heard that a faculty strike is possible this semester. As a student myself, I share your concerns.

On Wednesday January 13th polling for the strike vote took place across the province. Of the ballots cast, Humber’s eligible faculty members voted 43.21% in favour of a strike. The provincial average was 57.03% in favour of a strike.

At this point, Humber faculty may still go on strike, and therefore not be in class to teach you, as long as management is provided five days notice. Should this happen, HSF will notify you via,, and You may also visit, a site created by the College Student Alliance for additional information.

Students, the status of your school year is unclear. I encourage all students to let your voices be heard; talk to your professors or instructors about how this strike will affect you. I ask you to join me in urging both parties to return to the table in hopes of reaching a negotiated settlement with the best interests of students in mind.

Remember no matter what happens; know that the HSF will always be here for you. Feel free to contact me at or drop by the HSF offices.

I wish you the best of luck with your studies.


Shugufa Kaker
Humber Students’ Federation

Even after voting on striking, us students in Ontario still do not know whether there will actually be a strike or not. After receiving this email and looking it over, it answers that question basically saying "fuck if know?"

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