Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"House of..." Part 3

Its been a while since the of this series but now we're back on track with Part 3 of "House of...". Now welcome to the House of...Marriott!
This particular hotel chain is the Marriott Residence Inn Montreal Centre-Ville in the heart of downtown Montreal located at Rue Peel 2045.

The first picture features the two beds and a battle between H-bomb and Scene going head-to-head with Drasko in the back most likely watching Jessie's Girl

In this second picture the lighting is messed but still shows (from left to right) the television, the door to the next room, a messy dinner table, Scene in the hallway, an H-Bomb on the bed(looks the battle stopped), a lamp that messed up the picture, and in the that dark corner of the picture is Drasko, again, still watching Jessie's Girl.

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