Monday, April 20, 2009


I have never actually used craigslist before, but its fucking funny. Looking through the job sections I found some pretty odd stuff like: "I want to form a foundation to help young filmmakers make non violent meaningful movies. I will offer free workshops and seminars and explain how violent movies harm our society. " So lets some really effed up stuff:

Subject: looking for a downtown friend
"I'm starting to realize that I don't have enough guy friends to go out with, mainly because either my friends all live uptown, or because we have different interests."
"I'm definitely not a jock, but I'm not a *total* nerd or hipster either. I'm a little of everything,"

Subject: Black Male 4 msn chat with White Fem
"Any White Female interested in getting to know a 6ft 2 44 yr old on msn,,take it from there!!"
Yeah buddy, rape is illegal.

This ones pretty funny, in the personals there's a section called missed connections which I guess you try to find people you seen earlier. Well this guy pushes it to wayyy earlier, like early last summer.

Subject CNE Last Summer
"Hi Susy......Where did you go?......I lost your email address......." Bet ya Susys glad.

Found a pretty good one when I went back to job searching

Subject: looking for volunteer
"Hi, I'm lookinng for volunteer or any activities now. I'm intersted in sports, movie and food in Toronto.If I can help someting, please let me know.Thank you, (I'm Japanese man, 23 years old.)"
Typos were already there.

This one's for you H-bomb.
"I am looking for 2 film students or other qualified persons to film a Bat Mitzvah party - I don't want a professional, because this job is quite simple. I don't want editing of any kind, just a person who knows their way around a camera to film the party." I think there's a job out there ready for you. Mazel tov!

Subject: curious and want to give first bj
"bi curious and ready to give first bj if interested get back with stats" This doesn't even indicate whether they're wanting it or giving it!

Lets just stop it there.

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