Friday, March 20, 2009

Epic Lesson #2 - Act Like a Hobbit

Now that pretending to be Irish for a day has left you toilet-bound, yackin green shit on your green shirt; it's time to pretend to be something that's actually good for you.

Pretend to be a Hobbit for once. Try to forget the herb smokin, beer drinkin part of being a hobbit for just a second. Aside from that they spend their days in the woods: reading, planting, fucking (much like us homo sapiens), and walking. According to scientists from (can't remember) walking through the forest strengthens your immune system. Let's face it, before Facebook and Youtube started controlling our lives, we used to love breathing in that fresh air, running away from bears that we disturbed out of hibernation, and occasionally finding a pool of fermented grain.

Aside from boosting your personal army, Ent like trees also have the ability to chill you the fuck out. Economy got you down? Take a stroll through the nearest forest. The effects of a 3 night trip can last about a month.

So once you're done reading this blog, jump on your bike, run, or walk to a forest/park, when you get there hug a tree, thank it for making you stronger, for relaxing the fuck out of your debt induced stress, tell it FuckifIknow sent ya.

You're welcome brothers - Hope you don't get lost in the woods (if you do a nice Hobbit should help you out)

Ents liked having us around. When we were more Hobbit-like. When we didn't give a fuck about Jimmy's "too tired to sleep" Facebook status!""

These are 2 of the links I found on Forest Therapy. However I first read of this in a Health magazine.

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