Monday, October 13, 2008

A Shawarma Thanksgiving

Hello everyone again, hope all fellow Canadians had a good Thanksgiving holiday(except for you in the the far east coast), otherwise haha to you, we get a holiday in October! I just came back from mine but I'll get to that in a sec, let's recap the week that was...

Currently I am writing this up in my basement due to the carpet upstairs being replaced by wood flooring and sleeping on sofa cushions the past fours days or so.

This what my room current looks like, small room but
crappy camera with not big enough lense size.

My current work area.

Another Saturday of getting piss-drunken and getting fights at the shawarma place, it was more of an altercation that ended up with Hugo getting hit with a shawarma, I don't remember much from that one but I remember it was really funny, having a weird lemon drink at James Joyce and yaking in the sink at The Pump before anyone noticed.
And tonight an excellent Thanksgiving dinner brought by my family and family-friend members, my cousin always doing an amzing job on the turkeys(18 kgs worth!) and awesome gravey but my personal favour this year was the ham. I'm usually not a big fan of ham but this ham was fucking delicous, props to Dan on a great ham. I ate so much I took a break from writing this to take a shit, damn that was some good ham...

This was one of the turkeys.

...And this was the fucking HAM.

Last couple of things to mention, this cool shirt Threadless has reprinted, I loves my zombie shirts.
More details of the "Of The Dead" shirt can be seen here.

And for Kevin Smith's new movie "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" with Seth Rogen(Superbad, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express and every other awsomeness) there are a series of videos from production of the movie that are being uploaded everyday up 'til the release, very funny, check it out.Like they say on SModcast, 'Have a Week!

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Anonymous said...

HAHA you yaked at the pump! wouldnt be a saturday unless george yakes